Summer is in full swing here and we are loving every mintue. Well minus the heat fror me. To me the only rememable quailty about the heat is the vegetabels that thrive which trive when the temptures rise.

 When you can go outside and pick your supper right from your backyard is an amazing feeling. Seeing all the colors of the vegetables just waiting for you to pluck them from the plant. The yellow squash, green zucchini, red tomatoes, green okra or purple pea pods beaming out in the lush garden you have been taking care of.  For me also it means I can share and teach Glitter Bug just where her food comes from.

This year has been a little different for us. We planted in raised beds made by us however a summer storm washed all our plants away with the dirt. So we have been going to our local farmer’s markets. We are very lucky to have two markets, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. We have been enjoying new repieces and Glitter Bug has been eating more vegetables. I am very happy to say we have found one she likes very much and askes for every week. I have no doubt by the end of the summer we will be tired of it. I call it Squash hash.  We have made friends with some of the local farmers at the market which makes it more fun for Glitter Bug

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County Fair Time

Last week was our county fair. Let me tell you, it was crazy!! Bed time went out the window from the get go and it was wonderful. By the end of the week, we were glad for it to be over.

This year, we focused on Glitter Bug learning to craft and come up with her own ideas. She had fun and did pretty good with ribbons. She also showed chickens again this year. This was her first year to get to participate in the premium sale. Really this is a sponsorship from local businesses to give back to the 4 H kids to help offset the cost of raising the animals. Unfortunately Hubby or I were not able to attend however, she had her great grandparents. They made a day of it and she got to show off all her crafts to them.

There were a couple of things she put in the fair, she couldn’t find. We found them finally which surprised her. 

Even though the sauce and pickles don’t have ribbons, she won first place on both of them. The pickles and the heart won best of show. G.B. was over the moon. 
Do you put entries in your county fair or what you have? I would love to hear about it.
Until we next meet,

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Last hurrah of summer

A couple of  weekends ago we decided to send summer off with one last hurrah. With school starting, it was time to say goodbye to Summer. The best way I figured to send Summer off was to go visit a new Arkansas State Park. I will say we were not disappointed with our choice.

Hubby and I have been wanting to take Glitter Bug to Cossatot River State Park- Natural Area. We thought this would be a great park to visit because it is not far from us. Plus Glitter Bug LOVES rocks of all kinds and this park is full of them.

These two wouldn’t keep still long enough for a decent picture. G.B. wanted to study the sign instead of taking a picture. 
Our next stop was to the visitor center to check out what the park had to offer. 
This park is managed by both Arkansas State Parks and Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. Cossatot became a park in February of 1988. There are hiking trails and lots of rapids for people to enjoy. Most of the rapids are for experienced rafters. However, you can still climb rocks to see the river up close or even swim in certain places. Also offered are picnic tables by the swimming area. 

This is where we found some people swimming. Doesn’t  the water look pretty? Plus look at those rocks! If you have a rock hound like me, then this is a must go place. 
Daddy and Glitter Bug spent most of their time doing this and I spent most of our time enjoying all the memories being made. 
This park is on our go back list. I can’t wait to see it in the fall. What Arkansas State Park have you been to lately? 
Until we next meet,

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Update on my weight loss journey.

I want to say first this post has some profanity and it is about to get real here.

 Things this summer got out of control for me. I got to the point of not caring anymore. It was not just my normal not caring. (Summer have always been hard for me because I hate the hot weather and it is the time of the year I slack off.) My not caring got to the point of me not cooking nearly all the month of July. That is right we ate out every chance I could get. The heat this summer got me. I have been exhausted, feeling defeated and just trying to get through every day.

Don’t get me wrong, things have not been so bad where I wanted to give up. In fact in July had a special day for me. Hubby and I have been married for 10 years now. That is another story for another time. Just the heat has been so oppressive. This has meant my goals I have been working towards were pushed to the side with the intention of picking them back up when it got cooler. However, the call I got changed all those thoughts for me. No I am not going in to details about the call but will say it has to deal with my health.

It was a slap in the face and made me look hard at what I was doing right or wrong. I could have embarrassing events happen again or I could do something about it. Last week  I decided to do something about it and stop complaining. one of my friends shared this on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and it keeps coming back to me.

This past week I set myself goals and started working on them. And I smashed the shit out of them and for this week, I set harder ones and plan to smash them too. This includes what I am putting in my body. I realized I could do all the the necessary exercise but if I keep eating junk then junk is all my goals are. Eat better fuel and see my goals take off. This is how I am finally feeling. We are eating at our house with home cooked healthy meals. As you can see from our shopping cart, things are getting done here.
If you would like to follow along as I continue to smash my goals you can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag: getfitalicia 

Until we next meet,

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10 Free Printable Coloring Sheets to beat the Summer Heat.

Summer here is at full force. The temperatures have been close to triple digits and the feels like has been in triple digits for a while. This means slowing down and less time outside. On the other hand, we have been trying to find stuff to do inside.

Down here in Southwest Arkansas, there is the library, two local museums and not much else. After a couple of trips to the museums, Glitter Bug has tired of them. Instead we have been lots of coloring to beat the heat and boredom. Glitter Bug prefers the adult coloring pages because of the challenge for her.

We want to share some of our favorite free printable coloring pages.

What are you doing this summer to beat the heat?
Until we next meet,

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Summer Goodies.

Summer is here and  it has come on strong. This past week we have seen very hot to almost bareable for me. However, the vegetable game is strong this year.

We have the luck of being able to go to two different farmer’s markets. Normally I would be growing my own vegetables bu a storm washed all my plants out of my raised beds. Now we go to our local farmer’s markets on Tuesday and Saturday.  We have made friends with a couple of the local farmers which allows Glitter Bug to see where our food comes from. This has also allowed me to do some canning.

Yesterday was the first time I canned without my Hubby’s help. I have to say it was a lot of hard work and heat. Glitter Bug did help by packing the slices in, moving jars and putting in the crisper stuff. She also pulled a couple of the jars out of the canner. This made canning pickles much more fun and exciting for her. Here is some of our work.

As you can see we had lots of fun. I am looking forward to canning pasta sauce with Glitter Bug soon. What do you enjoy about summer?
Until we next meet,
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