You will want to visit this place.

Our little family of three are picking back up visiting new Arkansas State Parks. It has been a while since we went to a new park and this one didn’t disappoint one bit.

As our little last hurrah for summer,


Summer is in full swing here and we are loving every mintue. Well minus the heat fror me. To me the only rememable quailty about the heat is the vegetabels that thrive which trive when the temptures rise.

 When you can go outside and pick your supper right from your backyard is an amazing feeling. Seeing all the colors of the vegetables just waiting for you to pluck them from the plant. The yellow squash, green zucchini, red tomatoes, green okra or purple pea pods beaming out in the lush garden you have been taking care of.  For me also it means I can share and teach Glitter Bug just where her food comes from.

This year has been a little different for us. We planted in raised beds made by us however a summer storm washed all our plants away with the dirt. So we have been going to our local farmer’s markets. We are very lucky to have two markets, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. We have been enjoying new repieces and Glitter Bug has been eating more vegetables. I am very happy to say we have found one she likes very much and askes for every week. I have no doubt by the end of the summer we will be tired of it. I call it Squash hash.  We have made friends with some of the local farmers at the market which makes it more fun for Glitter Bug

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Art, IDO3D and Glitter Bug

This post is compensated by IDO3D. The all fun and opinions are my own and Glitter Bug.

This past weekend I scored some great Mom points. When Glitter Bug (G.B.) and I got home from my parent’s house there was a box waiting for us to arrive. (Hubby kept it safe for us.) When I told G.B. we received a box, she was excited to see what awaited.

I was a little wary of using 3D art. Honestly, I had never heard of products like these before. G.B. knew exactly what this was and had been planning on asking for this toy for Christmas. 
First thing I would suggest is to read the first couple of pages. They really helped ease us into this whole process. Our first art project was the butterfly.
On the fine lines, G.B. could squeeze the pen all by her self. The major set back she had was her hand cramped up because she was squeezing very hard. After a few minutes the ink in the pen warmed up which made using much easier.  
The drawing got to where she had to concentrate really hard to keep from getting the ink on her hands or clothes. Something we did noticed was the ink did leave a little bit of sticky on our hands but we didn’t have any reaction to the ink. Warm water and a little bit of scrubbing and all the ink was gone. This was something I was concerned about after reading. However, there was no mess that didn’t come up easy. 
Another issue we ran into was how long it took to cure. Some of it I am sure is our fault because of the amount of ink we were trying to cure. Another blogger said she and her kids cured as they went which helped but G.B. and I had to put ours into the sunlight to get it to cure. 
Before we had to put up the crafts up for the day, G.B. wanted to do one more 3D design.
Since G.B. already wears glasses and she thought this one would be fun. She said “I have to wear these to Christmas.” She was so excited to share the IDO3D pen with her cousins over the Holidays. This is a great craft for children to do alone or together. It is also fun for adults. 

Sometimes a break is good.

Like the title says, I needed a break. Did I know it was needed? No. Instead I kept telling myself: “You need to get a post up. Stop watching Netflix and post. Remind Hubby you haven’t posted in a while. He will help you get back to it.” In truth, I wasn’t feeling like blogging. Almost like it became just another thing on my list of to do which never seemed to get done or even half way finished.

Then IT happened. I started  missing blogging. It is my way to write. My way to improve on my skills. A way for me to get away with crafting. There are so many posts started but never finished. Will they ever? Probably not and who cares? I am back now and can’t wait to see the words appear out of nowhere to share our little slice of life with y’all.

If I go m.i.a again, I am on Instagram. Feel free to tell me to get back to blogging.  Go check out my feed if you haven’t yet. One picture I would like to share from there cause you will meet him soon.

Until we next meet,

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Lone pumpkin

Last  year was the first year we were in our own home, so I thought to myself I am doing to decorate for fall/Halloween. It will be great since it is our house. I can put lights up (yes they make black string lights.) put pumpkins in the yard, maybe even make a “spider’s” web with a candy treat in my Glitter Bug’s room. Here starts planning and getting my list together to buy what I need to make these great ideas happen.
The first couple of weeks in October go by and I am still thinking I have plenty of time to get going, right? I mean I should be able to crank this out on one of my weekend days in between getting the house clean and taking care of Glitter Bug.
The next day I make the run to the store with a four year in tow who did not want to leave the house. We get to Wal-Mart and the first melt down happens. We get that patched up, hopefully until we get home, and head to the craft section. After picking up the basics it’s off to the Halloween section. Now meltdown number two happens. I figure I am pushing my luck and should just grab a couple of things and make a run for the checkout counter. After checking out we head back home for a nap and some “Mom” time to get this done.
Two hours later, I wake up for the nap I didn’t even mean to take. Glitter Bug really wanted me to lay down with her so she could have Mommy nap with her. I only meant to lay there until she drifted off to the land of dreams. No big deal I can still get this done.
Needless to say I mucked decorating up. I never really found the time after that day. It was one minor crises after another. I vowed to decorate this year. Nothing will stop me.
Here is it, time to get my self into gear. I start to find all the craft stuff and Halloween items. I check the normal places with no luck. Maybe I moved it with the Christmas stuff. Nada. After two days of trying to find them I come to point I used them some time in the last year. Great. The only thing I have to show for all the looking is one little pumpkin with fall flowers in from my mom. I guess with it out on my bar I am done decorating.


I hope to add to the lone pumpkin when the sales start or the next time I have a free day.
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